Beach Fossils – That’s All For Now Lyrics

That’s All For Now by Beach Fossils
Album : Somersault
Released : 2017
Genre : Indie Rock
Label : Bayonet Records

It’s new regret
Isn’t it funny how we forget
It’s too late for that
You’re off on your own

Used to be up for anything
You were the highway star
And of all your spar

Keep moving on
Keep moving on

That’s all for now

Nights that we forgot
But i woke up back again

● Beach Fossils – Somersault (Album Tracklist)
01. This Year
02. Tangerine (feat. Rachel Goswell)
03. Saint Ivy
04. May 1st
05. Rise (feat. Cities Aviv)
06. Sugar
07. Closer Everywhere
08. Social Jetlag
09. Down The Line
10. Be Nothing
11. That’s All For Now


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