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Willis – Soul Shoes Lyrics

Alright take number one..

Nah that was dirty. That was dirty!
Alright take TWO motherfucker! Alright..

I feel the people who I see who say they run the operation
Are the same ones who gon look to anyone for conformation
It don’t matter who that be, all we seek is compensation
For opinions that we throw and the records we got in rotation
Mirror in yo face it go on and on
No one feel the same you gon run-a-run-away
All we wanna be is a part, apart
From all the false and foul is hard, it’s hard
Leave us all alone and we fall apart
My vision and my soul, this is all I got
Take me back to when I could have a happy ending
Take me back to when I could blast a track in half
And always be alright with the way that it sound
Could always be alright with the way that I look
Now I’m never satisfied, there has to be a way
Take me on a walk in the dark and I’ll be okay. cause I.. 

Got my soul shoes on, got my soul shoes on, got my soul shoes on, got my soul shoes on
My soul shoes on. My soul shoes on
My soul
And my soul will rise, my soul will rise, my soul will rise, my soul will rise
My soul will rise
My soul

My soul will rise
My soul will rise

Life don’t be the way it seem up on the screen
And when you look at me what do you see?
I was told that I could be… anything
But when I hit the real world it was the opposite of what was said to me
So I’m thinking that there better be..
Some type of end where I can have the peace of mind, that I dream about
Tell the world that I just needed time. cause I been feeling down
I been waiting some time… it seems like all the motivation I think I have is making my..
Perception of reality twisted so I admit it
It’s been a minute since I really felt committed. feeling limited with this shit
What’s vision worth? they all have one
A microphone synonymous to a handgun
I just want my damn fun. The shit that’s in the videos
But realizing that it’s fabricated really hit me low
Everything is but a dream. Hope I don’t wake
Like everyday a snow day. Watch the snowflakes
On the microphone a killah with a ghostface
But outside my own world belong no place
And i’m not satisfied with a slow pace
I just won’t wait. been this way since back in 08
So what’s the factor of my social status? When hope is shattered?
A lonely rapper no one shows up to the open casket
I want the money so that I can help my people
But mass amounts of money turn a young man evil. 
So what am I supposed to do? Like lookin at you and then watchu gon do?
Recognize that I’m a damn fool
Conduct a symphony by myself in my room
They wanna put me in a tomb, I think not. I’m talking to you!!
Listeners can listen to the vision that I’ve written, livin a sentence
Committed by spitting the venom inside and up in em and Ima diminish em limiting my shine
This is my time. And these are my rhymes
Created by my mind
So watchu want homie?? Just let a man live
Go rap bout money and record some fucking ad libs. 
I been stressing so bad. I need escape
Sickness in my stomach. An abundance up on my plate
Trying to cope by reading the shit I wrote..
To a microphone, the shit that I been on is hide away..
And wait for better days, I meditate the pain away
And lay awake and fade away cause thinking it just make it stay
Make it stop! make it stop! Ima suffocate
And nothing I’m doing make the cut like I was underweight
Maybe I could run away today and leave the bull behind
Now that’s the kind of fool that I.. become feel like a stupid guy
Promised I would never lie. Said it and I meant it
But Ima lose mind if I done got my shawty pregnant
And Ima really flip a bitch if homie take needle to wrist
But writing is so therapeutic man, I really needed this. 

Man I think thats all I need really. Umm. I might play a lil outro real quick

Yeah, thats it right there. Run that back