Reactions – Wrong Direction Lyrics

Wrong Direction by Reactions
Released : 2017

Anhedonic catastrophe
More like a nightmare than a dream
So turn off the fucking screen
Maybe you’ll see what I mean

This skewed reality leaves me with false beliefs
That won’t leave my company
It’s a feeling that I can’t beat

We’re all forever lost
Strayed from our path now we’re paying the cost
But how will you justify
Living your life unsatisfied

You’ve said it all before
And I just can’t ignore
This feeling of rejection
Heading in the wrong direction
I just want so much more
Reality’s a bore
When will you learn this lesson
Heading in the wrong direction

Protect the powers that be
Cause you don’t really wanna
See me believe in myself

But I will forge my own path now
Try to stop me
You will never succeed

The new generation breeds
But can’t plant the seed
Can’t grow over weeds, doomed to fucking bleed

Follow the right direction please
We can’t all keep living with this disease

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