B Will – Dem Hoes Gone Choose Lyrics

Dem Hoes Gone Choose by B Will
Feat. Boosie Badazz
Released : 2017

I’ll fuck em all I ain’t no choosey nigga
I’ll bat a ball and act a dog before they shoot a nigga (with the tooley nigga)
I’m outchea bad look here I’, bob the builder I got the muscle I’m no body builder
Drop a nigga
With this AR I can stop a nigga
I lost love for a lot of niggas
How you rockin nigga?
With them goons and them goblins nigga
Boo a problem, I’m a problem nigga

[Thanks To “Alyssa” For Adding These Lyrics]

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● “Every Diss ”

[ Quotable ]
And your tattoos ain’t special I’ll bat one of you niggas
Smack one of your niggas, drag one of you niggas
If you laugh, I’ll do math, I’’ll subtract one of you niggas

● “Lil Shooter ”

[ Quotable ]
So i’ll wack you in New Orleans
Back to back you in them foreigns
Come and snatch you and just sport it
Don’t be asking about no murders
Young niggas come and serve us
Now look at my lil shooter
You asking for respect which I demand it


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