Philthy Rich – Put Down My Cup Lyrics

Put Down My Cup by Philthy Rich
Feat. BandGang Lonnie Bands, 9000 Rondae, Molly Brazy
Released : 2017

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● “Make A Living ”

[ Quotable ]
Fuck her so good make her forget Tyga
Break your main bitch, Heart-Heartbreak Gang
She covered up the tattoo of her baby daddy name (lame nigga)
A hundred thousand large on my rockstars
I done come a long way from duckin’ cop cars

● “Let It Blow ”

[ Quotable ]
I drink the dope I need my dope or I be flashing out
My bitch says damn you tripping you be smashing out (shut up bitch)
Half a milli on the bill they tried to stick me
Gave my lawyer $20,000 told them try to get me

● “SemCity MoneyMan”

[ Quotable ]
You on the wrong side the street
You on the wrong side the beef
Just counted a hundred this morning
While you broke niggas sleep
You want that old filthy nigga?
Go buy my old CD, nigga


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