Nosaj Thing – All Points Back To U Lyrics

All Points Back To U by Nosaj Thing
Feat. Steve Spacek
Album : Parallels
Released : 2017

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● Nosaj Thing – Parallels (Album 2017)
01. Nowhere
02. All Points Back To U (feat. Steve Spacek)
03. Form
04. How We Do (feat. Kazu Makino)
05. U G
06. Get Like
07. TM
08. Way We Were (feat. Zuri Marley)
09. IGYC
10. Sister

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● “Cold Stares”

[ Quotable ]
Was the bowl for the soup for his arm
When his arm had a cold
Now the cold got his feet
Tied up in the sheets, sweat drips from his cheeks


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