Imagine Dragons – Dancing In the Dark Lyrics

Dancing In the Dark by Imagine Dragons
Album : Evolve
Released : 2017

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● Imagine Dragons – Evolve (Album 2017)
01.  I Don’t Know Why
02.  Whatever It Takes
03.  Believer
04.  Walking the Wire
05.  Rise Up
06.  I’ll Make It Up To You
07.  Yesterday
08.  Mouth of the River
09.  Thunder
10.  Start Over
11.  Dancing In the Dark

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● “Shots ”

[ Quotable ]
Am I out of luck? Am I waiting to break?
When I keep sayin’ that I’m lookin’ for a way to escape
Oh I’m wishin’ I had what I’m takin’ for granted

● “Roots ”

[ Quotable ]
Had to lose my way To know which road to take Woah, woah, woah Trouble found me All I look forward Washed away by a wave

● “Demons ”

[ Quotable ]
At the curtain’s call is the last of all
When the lights fade out, all the sinners crawl
So they dug your grave and the masquerade
Will come calling out at the mess you made


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