Oh Wonder – Bigger Than Love Lyrics

Bigger Than Love by Oh Wonder
Album : Ultralife
Released : 2017

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● Oh Wonder – Ultralife (Album 2017)
01. Solo
02. Ultralife
03. Lifetimes
04. High On Humans
05. All About You
06. Heavy
07. Bigger Than Love
08. Heart Strings
09. Slip Away
10. Overgrown
11. My Friends
12. Waste

○ Listen to “Oh Wonder” Songs

● “Lose It ”

[ Quotable ]
Your name I’ll never know
As we get down in the world below
Caught up in an overflow
My hands, your bones
Wide eyed, you look at me
Set on fire in a silver dream

● “Body Gold ”

[ Quotable ]
Now my soul beats a sound, loud enough to quiet the thunder
A love with no doubt, and now I’m never gonna slow down
Never gonna slow down

● “Technicolour Beat”

[ Quotable ]
Warm, unalone
Come settle down, settle down
Swing me your bones
Come settle down, settle down


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