Fleet Foxes – On Another Ocean (January / June) Lyrics

On Another Ocean (January / June) by Fleet Foxes
Album : Crack-Up
Released : 2017
Genre : Folk


Biding your time on the other ocean
Falling into line in the cold and damp

Wherever you run, you see all you leave behind you
Lies inside
Anyone you open on the other ocean
On the other ocean, on the other ocean

Was he not quite as you had conceived him?
Did the color of the light hide the fight in the eye?

Wherever you run, you see only eyes behind you
Lies inside
Anyone you open
On the other ocean
On the other ocean
On the other ocean
On the other ocean

[Fuck this noise]
[Cut to June]

So do you think the smoke it won’t enfold you?
Or there’ll be someone waiting for you?
Off in the distance, then?
If only anything could change you
If only you knew what you claim to
If only every sign you cling to
If only they were so
Tune any eye into the ivy
And I won’t bleed out if I know me
All I need oh don’t deny me
You ended up too strained
Oh, I would lead it in the morning
Oh I won’t even if I know it
All I need oh don’t deny me
We’re in the eye sometimes
Too young, too
Too young, too

[Outro: Mulatu Astatke]

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