Kevin Morby – Night Time Lyrics

Night Time by Kevin Morby
Album : City Music
Released : 2017

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● Kevin Morby – City Music (Album 2017)
01. Come to Me Now
02. Crybaby
03. 1234
04. Aboard My Train
05. Dry Your Eyes
06. Flannery
07. City Music
08. Tin Can
09. Caught in My Eye
10. Night Time
11. Pearly Gates
12. Downtown’s Lights

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● “I Have Been To The Mountain ”

[ Quotable ]
Round ’em out, make an echo
Destroy the destroyer
And do it fast
That man lived in this town
Til that pig took him down
And have you heard the sound
Of a man stop breathing, pleading?

● “Cut Me Down ”

[ Quotable ]
No one, nowhere to go
Step out of my shadow
Take me as I am
A man

● “Harlem River ”

[ Quotable ]
In my pearl and my diamond shoes
I’ve climbed the cloud that will store the moon
On the river
All because of you


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