Algiers – A Hymn for an Average Man Lyrics

A Hymn for an Average Man by Algiers
Album : The Underside of Power
Released : 2017

Somewhere down along the line I lost the plot

You think nothing has changed?
Horrified to find that what you made has risen up

And now your hate has a name

So let a sigh ring out

Denial. Deny it. Deny it

Draw a cold hand across your mouth
A muffled sound
While you lie there and wait
Listen to them calling out and come for you in silence

For the mess that you have made

So let a sigh ring out Denial. Deny it. Deny it

So let a sigh ring out Denial. Deny it. Deny it

(Ignore their screaming. You got away with it.)

Nothing is opened up

No sound in the room

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