Vérité – Better Lyrics

Better by Vérité
Album : Somewhere In Between
Released : 2017

Fixed and false
Captivating crazy, don’t come over lately
Apologies for days and days

Can’t say I don’t make a mark
Hands around your wrists
Fingers crossed and crissed
Impressions left from holding on

Maybe I fucked it up, maybe I let you down
Maybe I’m too far gone
Maybe it’s simple that it’s over now
Maybe we’re just better off

Tried and true
Dripping from my lips, screaming faults and fits
Counting out the ways and ways
You don’t see clear no more
Hallucinating crazed, staying up for days
Believing what I tell you to

Maybe I fucked you up
Maybe you let me down
Maybe we’re too far gone
Maybe it’s simple that it’s over now
Maybe we’re better off

So we don’t see clear no more
Maybe we’re just better off

● Vérité – Somewhere In Between (Album 2017)
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2. Phase Me Out
3. Death of Me
4. Bout You
5. Better
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● “Wasteland ”

[ Quotable ]
But I keep crawling over you for now
Cause everything I feel is a waste of time
Holding onto something I can’t see
Won’t comfort me tonight

● “Rearrange ”

[ Quotable ]
Like I’m standing in one place
The same familiar state
You know I stay hopeless for a while
Let you take me down
As long as I don’t feel it
Cause in the end I never mean it, I can say this time

● “Heartbeat ”

[ Quotable ]
And I know it’s a surprise
How tall I stand sometimes
But I’ve written my goodbyes
On a folded napkin
Slipped inside your pocket
Before you left me standing
I knew you weren’t listening

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