Famous Dex – Hot Like A Balloon Lyrics

Hot Like A Balloon by Famous Dex
Released : 2017

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● “Rich Forever ”

[ Quotable ]
Put holes in your head like a doughnut
Hold up, walk around, pockets too swole up
Hold up, diamonds so cold, get a cold cut
Woah, damn, pour a little six in my soda
Yeah, woah, I fuck every lil bitch that you know bruh

● “New Wave”

[ Quotable ]
They tryna copy the style
Watch how I jump in the crowd
Reach for my chain, boy how
30 on my me, swear to God, I’ll bring him down

● “I Get the Drip from My Walk ”

[ Quotable ]
Im sippin’ on lean till I’m sleepy
I pop me 2 pills I get geeky
I got a lil bitch her name Kiki
I think that lil bitch Puerto Rican
She chill at my crib for the weekend
3 grams in my Wood like a boss
My diamonds they shine with a floss
My foreign it float like a ghost

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