Ah yeah yeah
shout out to logic, man
Let’s get it
Yeah, how I do it, no they simply can’t fathom
Like your girl picture, give that bitch an orgasm
Fella getting worried, I’m about to take your Madame
Late to the party, but I’m in the latest fashion
Shit that I’m doing in the shit you just imagine
Used to get no love, but now I’m the main attraction
Working harder than I’ve ever have with no distractions
Helping mama with the bills, loving her reaction
The fall is mine, wait until you fuckin’ see
All the buzz that ibcreate, with these singles and EP
I’ve been laying on the low, as my numbers getting higher
Everywhere I go is fuckin’ lit, just like a lighter
See me round your girl, please pray that I don’t like her
Everything I do is major, all you do is minor
She fuckin’ with Jerome , lately I’ve been on fire
In my Nike visor, she do what I desire

Fuck it, I’m really done with being passive
I’m bout to fuck the game up, yeah I’m bout to cause some havoc
If they spitting fire, well I must be spitting acid
I’m always going hard, these motherfuckers staying flaccid
I see that your career is a jam, like some traffic
Hit me with the funds , I can help you make a classic
They can’t see my vision, motherfuckers need some glasses
2017, I’m really filling up these caskets
Your favorite rappers who I’m coming for next
Manifesting every thought that comes to my head
Yeah, just met the bitch and she coming to bed
If we ain’t talking money then, Nothing is said

Yeah, these day’s I’m the coldest one out
The flow impeccable these motherfuckers nothing now
I said I’m bout to come, her tongue, she holding it out
My verses lethal like a weapon, I’m reloading it now
Yeah, I’m living life to the fullest, you can’t tell me nothing
I need some pesticide the way that all these bitches bugging
Your girl don’t want you, I’m the reason, I’m the one she crushing
Jerome is nasty, yeah Jerome is truly damn disgusting
I hopped on the beat to murder, leave the shit deceased
My pockets looking swole , flexing like I’m Hercules
I heard your album, it’s just full of pure absurdities
The pussy burglar, I’m in her guts like surgeries
It’s been a long time coming , never rushed at all
When I was knocked down, I got back up and dusted of
She catching feels, honestly don’t give a fuck at all
Yeah I’ve been up, grinding motherfuckers dusk till dawn