Young Thug – Clientele Lyrics

Clientele by Young Thug
Feat. Migos
Released : 2017

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● “Best Friend ”

[ Quotable ]
If you ever find her, better keep her
37 cameras for the sneakers
Goin’ out like Ox or Beanie Sigel
Send a cop, I can’t wait to mistreat ’em
Forcin’ your ho, I can’t wait to mislead ’em
And beat ’em, they ain’t my people

● “Digits ”

[ Quotable ]
This summer we puttin’ the numbers yeah (check, check)
Feelin’ like Meechy, I’m feelin’ like Meechy
I jump out that ‘Ghini and lift up the door (skrrt, skrrt)
They said they ballin’ and we say we ballin’
And somebody please tell me what is the score

● “Drippin ”

[ Quotable ]
Drip, I’m drippin’ from the start to the finish nigga
Drip, I’m drippin’ with my niggas and these bitches nigga
Drip, I got some Raf Simons on, no trippin’ nigga

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