The Acacia Strain – Calloused Mouth Lyrics

Calloused Mouth by The Acacia Strain
Album : Gravebloom
Released : 2017

Never loved never lost
Everybody breaks everybody falls
Move on. Stay gone
Restrained forever. Life in shackles
Thrown to the wolves and fed to the jackals
The walls to my prison are higher than most
We buried their bodies and we live with their ghosts
All that lives to dust
The ground caves in around us
Wounded and weeping with none to console
The mouth of the mountain will swallow you whole
Buy me a nice plot for my burial
A spot on the shady side of the hill
Everything I am will fade away
But I’ll still have my spot in the shade
(My brain is fucking rotting
I’d rather lay here dying than to listen to your talking
Inhale anger breathe in the salt
Hold it in exhale out)
Into your Calloused mouth
You should be ashamed of yourself
You should have stayed dead
Caught myself weeping for you I should have killed you instead
Mentally slipping
Physically drifting

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[ Quotable ]
The world will celebrate
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The world will celebrate
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