Kacy Hill – Interlude Lyrics

Interlude by Kacy Hill
Album : Like a Woman
Released : 2017

[Instrumental & Harmonization]

● Kacy Hill – Like a Woman (Album Tracklist)
01. Like a Woman
02. Keep Me Sane
03. Cruel
04. Hard to Love
05. Static
06. First Time
07. Arm’s Length
08. Interlude
09. Clarity
10. Lion
11. Say You’re Wrong
12. Am I

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● “Lion ”

[ Quotable ]
Told you twice you’d change your mind Once you knew what it’s like Held your pride like all those times I let go of mine But I did what I did and its alright If you play the victim one more time
But You woke the lion oh The lion oh You woke the lion oh You wanted fire, oh Now I’m alight oh You woke the lion oh

● “Foreign Fields ”

[ Quotable ]
Lost in our mood
Afraid to feel truth
Succumb to your youth
Melt into seclude
Velvet touch to swollen brace
Languorous movements we both make
Lithe perception, who’s to blame?
Osculate until we break

● “90210 ”

[ Quotable ]
Holy father, come save these niggas, I’m styling on ’em
Good lord, I see my good fortune in all these horses
I’m driving too fast to stop, so all these signs, I ignore them
Distant sky, from north of the border my chips is in order
My mom’s biggest supporter so now niggas support a nigga

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