Lany – Parents Lyrics

Parents by Lany
Album : Lany
Released : 2017

Oh my gosh, Jake! I just saw that posting on Instagram and saw the picture of your new tattoo with a heart and the word “Parents” in it! Oh my gosh I loved it five times and beyond and I finally saw it and posted and I reposted it on my feed on Instagram. Oh, Jake, I love it! It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! I love you, Jake, that is the cutest thing, and you put it forever on your arm—”Parents,” that’s what you put on your arm. That’s the sweetest thing. I’m gonna have to get another tattoo that has a heart and “Jake” in the middle. But anyway, uh, I’ll think about that. But, I love you, Jake. That is the sweetest thing. Parents! Parents! Oh God, love you. Okay, I can’t wait for you and Mariah to come to Arkansas so we can hug your neck. Okay, love you, bye bye

● Lany (Album 2017 Tracklist)
01. Dumb Stuff
02. The Breakup
03. Super Far
04. Overtime
05. Flowers on the Floor
06. Parents
08. 13
09. Hericane
10. Hurts
11. Good Girls
12. Pancakes
13. Tampa
14. Purple Teeth
15. So, Soo Pretty
16. It Was Love

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● “Current Location ”

[ Quotable ]
You say it’s just the season
Got the job, so now you’re leaving
Kinda hate that reason
Please don’t get me wrong now
I want what you want
But how long will you be gone?

● “Like You Lots ”

[ Quotable ]
Windows down, we can smell the ocean
It’s hard to see through our hair
When we’re together, we look like the coolest
Babe you know they all stare

● ” Yea, Babe, No Way ”

[ Quotable ]
Hate how it feels
I know you’re down the street
With someone else but me
Time, yeah, I need time
Can’t forget about how you let me down
Damn, tell me where we went wrong
Been in love for so long, now it’s over

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