Pia Mia – Bounce (Like That) Lyrics

Bounce (Like That) by Pia Mia
Released : 2017

Full Lyrics will be available soon. check back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below.

○ Listen to “Pia Mia” Songs

● “Do It Again ”

[ Quotable ]
Hey, baby, are you sure that you want it
All caught up in the moment? (let me know now)
Oh, baby, it got a little crazy on the first night
So I’ma have to do you better than the first time
I’m lovin’ how you scratchin’ and you grittin’ your teeth

● “Red Love ”

[ Quotable ]
And told me life was unfair
Gave you my trust
You had me right there in your clutch
I felt the rush
Then you just looked away like

● “Mr. President ”

[ Quotable ]
Hey there, Mr. President
I could be your Marilyn, yeah
Tryna talk, I ain’t hearing it
And what I got, I ain’t sharing it
It’s for you, boy


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