August and After – Stream Lyrics

Stream by August and After
Released : 2017

The sky is a screen and we’re watching it stream for the night 
You point with your left while I’m holding my breath with my right 
The night is young and we’re naive, nestled on the safer side of evening 
Scared to commit, so we sit here still staring at the ceiling 

And we rain, rain, rain… and you’ll rain for the night 
Will I follow you, will I ever be the one 

Here on the Earth I’m the best and the worst of a cautious mind 
As far out of reach they’re all stuck in 2D cuz we’re too far behind 
Hermes is the renegade, chiaroscural, in a state of mourning 
As a sun pushes through, and it lights up a truth that is dawning 

And you’ll rain, rain, rain… and you rain for the night 
Will I follow you, will I ever be the one 
And we stream, stream, stream, and I scream at the stars 
Till they answer me, will I ever be the one 

I’ve got nothing to lose 
I’ve got oceans to swim 
I could stream for the night 
As it’s drawing me in

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● “Sink Or Swim ”

[ Quotable ]
And if the current pulls me in, will you let me sink or swim?
One last breath, the angels win
A thousand hands upon my skin

● “Hands of Gold”

[ Quotable ]
Hands of gold don’t exist
I’m hiding my heart from you again
I pretend the way I swim
My code doesn’t drag me down
Let’s run around

● “All I Want”

[ Quotable ]
I’m on the last train home
And you call my phone
To say I love you is too strong
But you are all I want

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