A.S – Mr.Right Lyrics

Mr.Right by A.S
Released : 2017

i never knew how sweet the taste of love can be
until you let me take the fruit of the forbidden tree
you came alone one day you raised me up and make me sway
you swept me up my feet my heart stop to beat because it made me melt away
ya mr right my mr right too good to be true
ya mr right my mr right too good to be true
i never tought i find a man who blows my mind
but you give me all i need to be satisfied
oh and if my feeling start to pressure you its alright ill give you time
you my mr right!

Playlist #2 [July 4, 2017]
01. A.S – Mr.Right
02. SKIY – Bed Of Roses
03. Larry League – Goner
04. Lal & Mike Waterson – One Of Those Days
05. DAWA – Put It Away
06. Philipp Beesen – Another Life
07. it’s different & Taptone – Peace Of Mind
08. Jumpa – Falling Into The Clouds
09. Kyler Slater – Through The Motions
10. The Midnight Ghost Train – The Watchers Nest

● “Feel Alive ”

[ Quotable ]
I’m not afraid to fly away
Pushing that swing so high, I’m positive I won’t die
Sitting high and dry as the night is done
All of our money’s gone, but we keep going on


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