DAWA – Put It Away Lyrics

Put It Away by DAWA
Released : 2017

I don’t ask for the promotion
don’t let me down without no reason
and maybe, maybe I will see someday
but until there’s only one thing I can say

put it away now
put it away now

this emotion is emotionless
when I’m not with you
and (?) tryna to confess
but I don’t what to do

put it away now
put it away

put it away now
put it away now

Playlist #2 [July 4, 2017]
01. A.S – Mr.Right
02. SKIY – Bed Of Roses
03. Larry League – Goner
04. Lal & Mike Waterson – One Of Those Days
05. DAWA – Put It Away
06. Philipp Beesen – Another Life
07. it’s different & Taptone – Peace Of Mind
08. Jumpa – Falling Into The Clouds
09. Kyler Slater – Through The Motions
10. The Midnight Ghost Train – The Watchers Nest

● “Feel Alive ”

[ Quotable ]
I’m not afraid to fly away
Pushing that swing so high, I’m positive I won’t die
Sitting high and dry as the night is done
All of our money’s gone, but we keep going on

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