Alex D x City T – Dream Work Lyrics

Dream Work by Alex D x City T
Released : 2017

Young nigga I just had to find the right mind
I mean I had to find the vision and the right grind
I mean my niggas been telling me it’s the right time
Is this the feeling when the giving you the lifeline
Fuck it I’m off and running I’m turning Nothing to Something
I’ll be damn if I come back with Nothing, never that
My palm itching my niggas I’m constantly thinking
About the take over I’m talking my mom’s with me
And my dad and my brother and my sister
Burn it when I touch it swear a nigga getting blisters
Dogg I’m tired of the second thing struggling to maintain
Know some niggas that gave up ended up in the claim gang

Yeah I swear life I’ll hit you hard
It’s even worse if you ain’t notice it from the start
Nigga I was taking busses to class
15k for a semester I was struggling to pass
I ain’t really had the focus really
I was trying and my people they were bearing with me
I still ain’t finish but my thoughts clearer
Tese niggas hatin’ make me sicker than a hospital

I know they don’t like me
And clearly I see
But boo-boo nigga cry my a river
I’ll ride on you niggas while making sure I ride for my niggas
And counting these figures
Don’t do it to be popular niggas
We confident nigga
We get it on and popping my miggas for real
And it’s on and popping for real
I’ve been trying to live forever with the tireless appeal
So join the team it’s about that
Cause if there’s any opposition we gone out that
So let’s go and let’s take over the world
Cause you know that I’m …

Yeah yeah
Teamwork make the DreamWork
Yeah yea
Yeah yea

Nobody never gave us Nothing
Jobs never hire that’s the reason why we hustling

Uh, probably should’ve went the ball route
Either way it go ima’ still ball out
Couple homies locked up let em all out
I pray me and my real niggas never fall out
I pray me and my real niggas never fall out
Ay, and as hard as it seem
Going to sleep all I had was a dollar and a dream
Swell on my team too strong
Self made niggas yea we did it on our own
Nobody never showed us nobody never showed up
When we really needed them so we had to grow up
Learned a whole lot back then I ain’t no much
Always in the fast lane momma told me slow up
Went through Hights school and I made momma proud
Graduated and I ain’t see daddy in the crowd
Ah man that can bring tears to your eyes
But like kidney I just kept it on the side

Heart full of proud
Fear don’t live here
Times coulda died thank God that I’m still here
Hope they listen real clear
Words to my engineer
Eyes in the windshield never looking in the rear
Rumours everyday so I never go by what I hear
When you on the right path they gone try to interfere
I could show you how to do it nigga get a chair
I’m in the game now your girlfriend finna cheer
She was staring at the chain now I’m in her ear
I don’t fucked up the game it ain’t been a year
In the fast lane I’m about to switch the gear
I used to dream about this now a nigga here
And they say it’s not good just to backtrack
But you gonna probably want to go and bring this track back
They ain’t even see it coming like a crack back
Tell ’em capture this moment Snapchat
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