Filous – Knots Lyrics

Knots by Filous
Released : 2017

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New Playlist [July 8, 2017]
01. Phantom Sage – Our Lives Past (feat. Emily Stiles)
02. Tango With Lions – News
03. Luke Christopher – SmallTown
04. Joey Burbs – Houston Nights
05. Quinn XCII – Fake Denim
06. Ollie – Nothing Good Comes Easy (Feat. Kolton Stewart)
07. Young Scooter – Can’t Play Around (Feat. Future)
08. Mike Stud – Crash Dummy
09. Filous – Knots Feat. Klei
10. Gramercy ft. Penguin Prison – Unbelievable Love

● “Away ”

[ Quotable ]
Look at the stars
They find me
You shine so bright
It haunts me

● “In a bar ”

[ Quotable ]
I need to see a friend tonight
Or see the people in a bar
I wish they could not see me at all
How I wish I could describe their pain
Or my pain

● “Another Day in Paradise ”

[ Quotable ]
So here’s to the nights we let go
And I’m hoping that they figure out
It’s all about the scenery along the route
Those files and those flowers

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