Phantom Sage – Our Lives Past Lyrics

Our Lives Past by Phantom Sage
Released : 2017

All passed to the memories of your lives past
We only see what we want to now
How longer it could last?

I’ve seen the wasteland of these empty words
This life is a better with not a curse

With not a curse
With not a curse

[ Dope ]

And all the​ lights are out at midnight
Among right in hunt sight (night sight)
Cause all that’s left here now is starlight
It’s all lies in hunt sight

And as I lay here in the street
I see what I need
I need escape from mister Bree, carefree (I need)

[ Dope ]

New Playlist [July 8, 2017]
01. Phantom Sage – Our Lives Past (feat. Emily Stiles)
02. Tango With Lions – News
03. Luke Christopher – SmallTown
04. Joey Burbs – Houston Nights
05. Quinn XCII – Fake Denim
06. Ollie – Nothing Good Comes Easy (Feat. Kolton Stewart)
07. Young Scooter – Can’t Play Around (Feat. Future)
08. Mike Stud – Crash Dummy
09. Filous – Knots Feat. Klei
10. Gramercy ft. Penguin Prison – Unbelievable Love

● “Away ”

[ Quotable ]
Look at the stars
They find me
You shine so bright
It haunts me

● “In a bar ”

[ Quotable ]
I need to see a friend tonight
Or see the people in a bar
I wish they could not see me at all
How I wish I could describe their pain
Or my pain

● “Another Day in Paradise ”

[ Quotable ]
So here’s to the nights we let go
And I’m hoping that they figure out
It’s all about the scenery along the route
Those files and those flowers


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