MJ Cole – Shelte Lyrics

Shelte by MJ Cole
Released : 2017

You’re burned into my memory
Floating down a neon road
Your head screwed on the wrong way round
Peering down the end of your nose

I put it on plate for you
I said I would wait for you
Bared my soul for all to see
You flew straight over my shoulder
You were never looking at me

Though you will never be my shelter
From wind, from rain, from ice and snow
From all the things that life can throw

I’ll be you’re sanctuary
When you’re not there for me
I’ll be your Sanctuary
Cause no one else will be

I’ll Roll my eyes into my head
So the sallow white will show
I think I’ll live in here instead
A dream where I can be in control

Where I can be alone with you
Share a home with you
How it was always meant to be
Somewhere we could grow older
Two raindrops lost to the sea

Playlist #2 [July 10, 2017]
01. Iamjackk – I’m On (feat. LJ)
02. Lucenzo – Turn Me On
03. Lana Del Rey – White Mustang
04. Lana Del Rey – Groupie Love
05. Mazde – Fading Out (ft. Rromarin)
06. Sigrid Bernson – This Summer
07. Opia – Faded
08. MJ Cole feat Bruno Major – Shelte
09. Spiffy Global – Stiff On Em (feat. Loso Loaded, Lotto Savage & Ca$h Out)
10. Rude Grl – That’s the Way It Is Survival of the Sickest


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