NORTHERN GHOST – Heart of Stone Lyrics

Heart of Stone by NORTHERN GHOST
Released : 2017

We were watched
Being tested in a paranoia
You say you want to die
Well so do I

I’m deaf to every word
Every truth they try to force in me
When will you realize
That we’re all hypnotized

Everyone is a fake
No matter what they say
We over analyze
We can’t be recognized here

We were watched
Being tested in a paranoia

Take my heart
When I fall apart
Take my heart when there’s nowhere to turn to
A heart of stone that’ll never desert you
Come with me
Forget everything
Come with me and I’ll start over with you
Even if I would drag you to hell too

I hope you’re watching me close

I’m innocent
But you me caught in a tidal wave
Drowning in
All the sin
But I found a way to get away
So get away

Now it’s my turn to make a move
Now it’s my turn to show you
Who’s in control

I’ll never change
You’ll never learn
And we’ll both be trapped here

See the thing about a heart of stone
Is that it always breaks a heart of glass
And when the fear of pain is on its own
Maybe then the dark times will pass

New Music [July 10, 2017]
01. Ryan Oakes – Bleed
02. Red Hands – Sara
03. Gazzo – Waterfall
04. 3am – Dashboard
05. NORTHERN GHOST – Heart of Stone
06. Roy Woods – Say Less (Freestyle)
07. Healer – Imbue
08. Angelou – What’s On
09. Rahn Harper – Determination
10. NOMIS – I Like Me Better (feat. Kuchtovas)

● “Drinking About You ”

[ Quotable ]
You wouldn’t believe, you never could see
My potential and everything I saw in me
Why couldn’t you be the girl just for me
But instead you was fuckin’ with multiple thieves

● ” Get You Good ”

[ Quotable ]
This is me now, forget about who they know
Never had a woman that had showed me love
So I never felt this feeling before
Gon’ and give me some, I’m giddy for more


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