Bugus – Give Thanks Lyrics

Give Thanks by Bugus
Released : 2017

took my first private flight
bout to make it a habit
passed my camera to my brother
told him take it and tag it
lets make a moment of it
the people home would love it
and if you wonder whats next
this an omen of it
when my mothers water broke I was dripped in gold
picked and told “stick to the script and role”
the path that you must now go is a twisted road
weapon you will now hold is a fist to throw
a gifted mind the holy filled gift is told
the gift is mine the only real gift is time
that makin other people rich shit
never in my plans
knew my whole life would be better in my hands
as a boy I knew one day I’d be the man
doin what I want no one that can tell me what I can
so I dream I plan I work I set goals
if I had a dollar for every time they said no I would have a hundred million in my safe bankrolled but it aint unfold
that aint how the game go
no rap beef
hella drama in my real life
i aint beefin wit no actor
that dont feel right
they wont save you
while you sit wit ya label
cookin rumors workin on a way to lie to consumers
look at you miserable probably strip for the mula
I was busy while your busy gettin sued by your jeweler
when you stunt and run the numbers up
its jus like taunting
when Im out in Toronto I Bill up like Chauncey
i can see its got you mad that im holdin some money
ya my mama taught me better but im
showin some money
cause im young im black
they be countin me out
but that Roley helps me get the benefit of the doubt
and they love to start playin when they think they can
but that Phantom make a mothafucka thing again
I need two Rolls Royce half a million a piece
not a fool with my cash
so im cool with a lease
Ruger registered
I spent a cool 2 on a piece
Bugus ahead of us
he thinkin boy he too on his feet
tell her we aint gonna last if she aint resilient
these women want a man
I just want each million
come catch this vibe come breathe aromas
this our shit baby we the owners
livin in a studio
ironic as day
a studio has no room and aint no room for debate that im a mothafuckin king of this rap shit
dues been paid and the craft’s been mastered
talkin those 10 thousands hours been passed it
every track blast like it has Bin Laden
always knew I’d be on jets
sunsets wit the winners
not another nigga sittin in a cell with the sinners
i wont be on sofas
dreamin with mediocore reefer smokers
yall keep the smoke i keep the focus
they been tryna put a cage around the way that i think
i was 7 and my teacher had me seeing a shrink
kicked out before i could divide my own division
all because i wouldn fit in your pipeline to prison
ill be selling out shows check the stands that i fill
money comin in bags like Canada milk
ran it by the team
now they buy the vision
i only wanna drive if it an angel by the engine
oh I give thanks to the most high
fuck goin platinum
i pray to be multi
one more time
I give thanks to the most high
fuckin goin platinum
I pray to be multi

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