Outasight – Feel Good Lyrics

Feel Good by Outasight
Released : 2017

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I feel good
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Uh huh, Uh huh
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Okay, Okay, Okay, Go!

Feelin’ like I just got paid
(Feelin’ like I just got paid)
Imma blow it in one day
(I don’t wanna save)
Bout to throw my own parade
(Hey, Hey, Hello)
All my worries float away
(Buh, buh, bye)
Survival of the latest, yeah we back in business
Talkin’ all that woo, you can be my witness
We about to get it, ridin’ shotgun out to Venice
With my caddy wheel spinning’
What I tell em?

Man, I feel good
Like I found a hundred dollars
No 99 problems
Man, I feel good
Like I paid my student loan
Showin’ love wherever I go
(Man, I feel good)

Pandas on my rider (check)
All my clothes designer (check)
3 am the diner (check)
Cheese fries, yeah, we eatin’
Baguettes out in Paris, just moved out yo’ parents
Hits like Calvin Harris, yeah that’s how I’m feelin’

Starting out my day off and I got a six pack
So fly like I’m rockin’ a jet pack
3, 2, 1 lift-off, hit back
My blue mustang got a lot of kick-back
Woo! Ring the alarm

Things lookin’ up, yeah I’m on the top floor

Man, I feel good
Like I quit my job
Finally got the one I want
Man, I feel good
Bank account got commas
Like the first of the month
Man, I feel good
Call me Evel Knieval
All I wanna do is stunt
Man, I feel good
Nobody in my way
I’m doin’ what I want
I feel good

[Hoodie Allen]
Woke up feelin’ super great
All my haters sit at bay
I think it’s precious how they talk about me every single day
I’m single, ay! – no, I’m not
But let’s pretend for this thing, okay?
If I asked five girls to go out with me, I would end up with like single dates
My batting average, that’s Mike Trout
Y’all muhfuckas are single A
Every time that my mic’s out, it’s like no doubt that I’m gettin’ paid
My doctor told me just play it safe, stop takin’ all of these risks
I told him “doctor, I can’t help bein’ this sick”

Man, I feel good
Like I’m drinking champagne
Sittin’ first class
Man, I feel good
Got the house of my dreams
Bought it all cash
Man, I feel good
If the Knicks won the champ
I’d cry like a baby, I would
Man, I feel good
The only thing I hope, that this song gonna make you feel good
(Gonna make you feel good)

[ Thanks To “Taylor” For Submitting These Lyrics]

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