Post Lovers – Melbourne Lyrics

Melbourne by Post Lovers
Released : 2017

I’m under your skin
you gave me 50 days of ruby missions
50 nights of waking dreams

is hard to expose
I can’t believe this mess would be a filler
I’m barking out your window door

but when I’m alone, I’m thinking of you
load and postponed, I’m thinking of you

I’m in the front line
I always thought that I could be your woman
I thought that I could be your man

but i’m just alone thinking of you
load and postponed i’m thinking of you

Playlist #3 [July 10, 2017]
01. November Lights – Talk
02. Nick Lopez – Funny Faces
03. Kap Slap ‒ Fuckin Amazing (ft. Cal)
04. Robotaki & Manila Killa – I Want You (ft. Matthew John Kurz)
05. Bugus – Give Thanks
06. Post Lovers – Melbourne
07. Peter Kai – Far Away
08. Shystie – Wake Up
09. Becky G, Bad Bunny – Mayores
10. Echosmith – Goodbye


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