NORTHERN GHOST – Face To Face Lyrics

Released : 2017

Dark circles around my eyes
I hold my breath and fear the compromise
I’m sick of taking it slow
I hope you know where to go
Oh cuz I’ve abandoned you

When the sun washed away
You were the moonlight when my skies were gray

Standing face to face with fate
Turn it into what I hate
Cutting into my own chest
Let me tell you
There’s nothing left
If you want to haunt my dreams
I never want to fall asleep
Or if you tell me you don’t care
Let me tell you
Life isn’t fair

What’s another scar or two
When skin was made to rot off you

I wanna confiscate your insides
I wanted to see where your demons hide
So maybe I could find myself a safe place
For me too

Oh it’s embedded in me
It’s embedded in you
I never thought that it would get through
I tried to make it ok
Tried to make them stay
But they do things their way

I can be who you want me to

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