Sheer Mag – Can’t Play It Cool Lyrics

Can’t Play It Cool by Sheer Mag
Album : Need to Feel Your Love
Released : 2017

I don’t pity the cowards trial
I know what it’s like to be hung up for more than a while
Tell me where do the lonely go?
Where do you turn when the nights have gotten so cold
When the tears are starting to flow
And you’ve only got a pillow to hold

I’ve been losing track of the time
I’ve been pacing the room, I’ve been wrestling with my mind
It says there ain’t no love in vain
We all do what we can to keep living to keep despite the pain
In a world that’s going insane
I’m just trying to find a way to explain
Oh yeah

I don’t just play the part
I can’t play it cool
Silence don’t mend a broken heart
I can’t play it cool
Oooh oooh oooh

We’re desperate by design
But just you wait, I got a situation in mind
And just when I’m about to fold
I feel it coming, I feel it taking control
And I can’t do what i’ve been told
And I won’t buy what i’ve been sold

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[ Quotable ]
In the dark and the bitter cold
They’re freezing us out, it’s as good as gold
Between the vacant homes
Are fancy doorbells wrapped with ribbon and bow


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