Sheer Mag – Expect The Bayonet Lyrics

Expect The Bayonet by Sheer Mag
Album : Need to Feel Your Love
Released : 2017

From the sorrow we created
A fragile state of blood and whim
Made for rich men in their white skin
And people bolder than I
Stood up to the lie
That equality has left behind
But it leaves no doubt in my mind
And I been reading the news and you’ll surely regret
If you don’t give us the ballot
Expect the bayonet

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya
Cuz for every man high upon the hog
There’s a dogwood forest buried in the fog
How naked is your eye
And do you ever wonder why?
You’re being asked to recompense
You’re on the last leg of your defense
So you better atone
Or you’ll surely regret
And if you don’t give us the ballot
Expect the bayonet

When the name came down
I covered my ears afraid of the sound
But we got the power to take back our nights
Give up our silence and give up our time alone

We’re not on our own
Though violent minds hatch violent plans
For many it’s the only thing they understand
And when the dog whistle is ringing
It’s the currency that they deal in
So before the worlds been reduced to soot
SOLIDARITY for those underfoot
I better remind ya
Or you’ll surely regret
And if you don’t give us the ballot
Expect the bayonet

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[ Quotable ]
In the dark and the bitter cold
They’re freezing us out, it’s as good as gold
Between the vacant homes
Are fancy doorbells wrapped with ribbon and bow


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