Sheer Mag – Meet Me In The Street Lyrics

Meet Me In The Street by Sheer Mag
Album : Need to Feel Your Love
Released : 2017

Smoke hangs in the air to the east of the river
And the truncheons are primed and keen to deliver

A reaction to glass smashed and fire on the wheels
They’re coming back with steel

When you nip at their heels they wanna come on strong
Nothing to do but to keep battlin’ on and on and on

So come on down and get in the mix
We get our kicks with bottles and bricks
When we walk together it feels alright

Meet me in the street

Seven blocks north of the avenue
We’re throwing rocks at the boys in blue

Sliver spoon suckers headed for a fall
And justice for all

They got the skeleton key to every door
Cant they help but to keep on taking more and more and more?

The lie is the law and no friend is the hand
That points and commands

In a bad way and out in the rough
We’re in the city just to tell them enough’s enough’s enough

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01. Meet Me In The Street
02. Need To Feel Your Love
03. Just Can’t Get Enough
04. Expect The Bayonet
05. Rank And File
06. Turn It Up
07. Suffer Me
08. Pure Desire
09. Until You Find The One
10. Milk And Honey
11. Can’t Play It Cool
12. (Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl

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[ Quotable ]
In the dark and the bitter cold
They’re freezing us out, it’s as good as gold
Between the vacant homes
Are fancy doorbells wrapped with ribbon and bow


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