Sheer Mag – Pure Desire Lyrics

Pure Desire by Sheer Mag
Album : Need to Feel Your Love
Released : 2017

Just pure desire in my body now
I get hypnotized when the record spins around
I spend my money and take my time
You call my bluffs but I don’t mind a thing

The moon was wet
We listened on cassette
The streets were still
We stared at them until
The sun bled out
But I don’t have a doubt
You said my name
It was golden and without shame

Don’t you crave the rush
The jolt when we touch
You know I hanker on
‘Til the rousing of the dawn
It’s all because you’ve piqued the

Pure desire in my body now
When I hear the music play I wonder how
You hear my worries and still refuse
To break your gaze you break the rules for me

The light was dim
We drank my flask of gin
We danced all night
No disco ball in sight
The rhythm soothes
It puts me in the mood
And on my bed
You took my hand and said

It’s not
I need you more every day

Hold on
To me
I can’t stand to be away

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04. Expect The Bayonet
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08. Pure Desire
09. Until You Find The One
10. Milk And Honey
11. Can’t Play It Cool
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