Sheer Mag – Rank And File Lyrics

Rank And File by Sheer Mag
Album : Need to Feel Your Love
Released : 2017

Y’all can’t let me be alone tonight
I’m broken down and I’m not gonna be alright
I need someone to lean on
And something to glean from my strife

Remember back a few years ago?
We would line ‘em up but we didn’t have nothin’ to show
We passed the time
We was sluggin’ wine or colt

If you’ve fallen lonely on your cause
I got the rank and the file here to even the odds

If Johnny’s at the door won’t ya let em in
I rang him up but I don’t know where to begin
We need a taste of the action
We’re at 9th & jackson if you’re in

The sinning night has set my soul on fire
As long as we’re out we might as well drink a while
Am I losin’ or winning?
I just keep on forgetting… meanwhile

When I’m on the mend it makes the difference to lend
The fist inside of the glove
And no matter what they say they can’t take away
The honesty of our love

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02. Need To Feel Your Love
03. Just Can’t Get Enough
04. Expect The Bayonet
05. Rank And File
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07. Suffer Me
08. Pure Desire
09. Until You Find The One
10. Milk And Honey
11. Can’t Play It Cool
12. (Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl

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[ Quotable ]
In the dark and the bitter cold
They’re freezing us out, it’s as good as gold
Between the vacant homes
Are fancy doorbells wrapped with ribbon and bow


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