Sheer Mag – Turn It Up Lyrics

Turn It Up by Sheer Mag
Album : Need to Feel Your Love
Released : 2017

Right down to the laces
You got me pegged
At least that’s what you think
If you mind your own business I’ll pay you no mind
But don’t ask forgiveness
Please don’t waste my time

Before you get smart
Listen to me
Now I got a bone to pick
Cuz I hear you snicker behind my back
Keep it to yourself
We’ll see who gets the last laugh

Oh I gotta go now
Down to the end of the bar where the music’s loud

Do me a favour turn it up
That’s a little bit better baby
But it isn’t enough
Can’t ya turn it up oh yeah

You’re dead in the eyes
And gone to the world
I think you should take it slow
You tell me drinkin will ruin my life
Well give yourself a break
And take your own advice

Wastin’ my time
Runnin’ your mouth
Nothing’s gonna bring me down
I just can’t stand to hear you talk
Tellin’ me nonsense
I think that I’m better off

Turn it up
Don’t turn it down
And don’t even think
About touching my records now

I want more
And more & more and more

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06. Turn It Up
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[ Quotable ]
In the dark and the bitter cold
They’re freezing us out, it’s as good as gold
Between the vacant homes
Are fancy doorbells wrapped with ribbon and bow


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