C-Trox – Hella Sketchy Lyrics

Hella Sketchy by C-Trox
Released : 2017

21 I feel grown
20 girls in my phone
19 of em problems and the other one is back home
Stressed out I’m not mad
My phone is dead and I’m glad
Been writing in the studio to get my pockets fat
In the college towns I get played
Don’t fuck around you’ll get snaked
Bouncer with my team will move your ass right out the way
Then I’ll send a text beforehand just to ask if it’s okay
And then I’ll go and steal your girlfriend, just to rub it in your face
You’re hella sketchy

All I do is make hits
All you do is sneak diss
You throw shots while I do shots
Well you threw shots and you missed
I got reminders in my bedroom I don’t need to reminisce
I’ll disrespect you round your friends I had my shoes on in that bitch
Hot head, so don’t tempt me
Close minded, not friendly
I said we should probably stop talking bout it
You kept on, bitch I’m deadly
Ain’t no one on my level out here fucking with the crew
Ain’t nobody do it better I’m the mother fucking truth
You’re hella sketchy

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