3AM by Tobilla Muffin
Released : 2017

Starring on the windows
Blowing on the Indo
In My (?)
Never let ’em play me line a (?)
Yeah I’m lookin’ around and thinkin’ where did all my friends go

Starring on the windows
Fuck you Bitch I (?)
Do it for the city double (?)
Never let ’em play me line a tindo
Just another day got it get it out our (?)
tryna make away,
Let ’em body say,
imma keepin’ makin’ moves but I know you hate
I know what is (?)
Is that your famle (?)

New Music [July 16, 2017]
01. TAU CROSS – Bread and Circuses
02. Tobilla Muffin – 3AM (Feat. Yogi Split)
03. Blackbear – Impossible To Love
04. Rcade – Body Language (ft. Xan Gray & DMGKNTRL)
05. BoTalks – Know U Anymore (Feat. Sarah Hyland)
06. L D R U – Take My feat. Rob Taylor
07. Satin Jackets – Northern Lights (feat. David Harks)
08. Alok, Bruno Martini, Zeeba – Never Let Me Go
09. Famous Dex – Like Wow
10. Goldfinger – Tijuana Sunrise


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