Foster The People – III Lyrics

III by Foster The People
Album : Sacred Hearts Club
Released : 2017

If age is a trap
I wonder why I hold back
Mistakes, mistake to make me laugh
Only time can answer that

Sail on in
Beautiful is your life
Sail on in
I want to live in your love

I’m done, I’m giving up control
So hold on, never let me go
I know we’re not invincible
So I want to live
Live for something more

Sail on in
Beautiful is your life
Soak it in
I want to live in your love

And I won’t be afraid to never know
When the night will come and take us home
And people change, we fade from youth
And evolve into eternal life
Don’t slip away, I’m begging you
To let me sing with angels

Wake the sleeping from their dreaming
We all want more, we all want more
Saints will sing and hearts are beating
Saying we all want more, we all want more

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