Foster The People – Lotus Eater Lyrics

Lotus Eater by Foster The People
Album : Sacred Hearts Club
Released : 2017

Well I could never be like you
I don’t ever talk like that
Smiling with a sparkling drink
And stumbling in your lipstick mess
[?] philosophies
Yeah, it’s a tragedy
But you keep hanging on
[?] look
Just waiting around
For someone to take you home

And I know you know I’m not the one
I’m sorry I was late, I didn’t wanna come

Oh no, man, it’s just like I was born

My eyes are wandering
Can we just eat the news?
And dance around the room
In a scattered point of views
Well take my hand and [?]
Yeah, just count to three
I wish that I could blink
And turn all your words into ice cubes
So I could fill my drink

And I know you know I’m not the one
I’m sorry I was late
Next time I just won’t come

Oh no, man, I think I gotta run

Well hey, what’s that called?
When you’re sitting on your couch
And having fun, just being by yourself
Wondering why
We can’t commit to love
The things that we got
We always want more of

I know you’d rather have me fake it
But I’m not gonna make it

Yeah yeah yeah, man I gotta run

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