Jack Karowak – Write Right Now Lyrics

Write Right Now by Jack Karowak
Released : 2017

I said you got a make sunshine
got to make rain come
good to see to hates not ain’t talk a like Yang Wang
everybody pay some, waiting to the day come
I got a make the world go round write right now
I don’t wanna wake up, I don’t wanna sleeping
I don’t wanna stress now, we send that (?)
now that when I speak this
I got make the world round write right now (Feelin’ like)

Feelin’ like I got to write right now
inspiration ’till the craft then (?)
not a tie (?)
I hope that I can (?)
kick back and hope I’m do it I’m doing through time
and every step you wanna take just no standing behind
’cause a man on my ground it’s not (?)
my mission fresh out the kitchen
listen this is just a way that I’ve made
that be like young understand it’s my favorite reply
I’m saying thank you for the love
this city is make it my damn
tryna provide them with the (?)
they can take to the gravin
it’s all love and positive
because I got a lot to give
no matter this safe that it takes but I makin (?) message in a sadness
and if I flexin’ this because I never had it
we gotta enjoy the good time
so understand the meaning in low
cause what you puttin’ to this world
it’s comin’ back around and back around
so baby turn this (?)
we take the lot of them break down (?) Passion’s now

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