Noah Slee – Sunrise Lyrics

Released : 2017

Waiting on
Waiting ’cause it all Maine time

It’s just one of them
I just one of them days
it’s just one of them

It’s sure I’m not the fire and check my account
over 10 time’s and just one now
I didn’t think that invoice flape
but I can’t (?)

Same damn (?)
I’m shuffling around for the city Where is my people
I know my real my home is
they got me
I’m left that’s (?)
(?) it’s just one of them days
Maybe that’s why I’m so negative
letting my hair not too much again
Feels like (?) my faith

Waiting on
Waiting ’cause it all (?) time

Why you wanna (?) my hair
Hang on and let you feel (?) get out of my hair
Excuse me when I sleeping your (?)
Why you still (?)
I’m waiting on you to (?) connect for free
I ain’t no high and ain’t no lower
But still I feel it something wrong
I like to think I’ll map when I (?)

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