Aminé – Blinds Lyrics

Album : Good For You
Released : 2017
Genre : Rap & Hip-Hop

Every day I’m counting up my paper
Petty niggas hate, the ones in public with the vapors
Leave ’em in the dust and then we tell ’em see you later
Only people that truly know me is my mama and my maker
Shawty, you like my free form dreads
I love it when she give a nigga free form head
It’s the banana boy, favorite color you know
Yellow is the new black, and I’m Mr. Caputo

Close the blinds
I want to see me shine
Don’t want to hear you chime
I want to see me glisten
Close the blinds
I want to see me shine
Don’t want to hear you chime
I want to see me glisten

Dreads like Bob Marley
Hardly ever call these hoes, I’m too gnarly
Look like George Forman, couldn’t afford Jordan’s
Talk to informant, never, I’m important
Maybe I might die
Baby girl, I’m the cream of the crop
Creme de la creme, got the juice so they jock
Women in my city treat a nigga like I’m Diddy
Pimpin’ ain’t a thang, I’m independent with my lane
Aminé very fly, Aminé don’t even try
He raps and then he dips, he never singin’ for no tricks
Turn on your TV, then you might see me
Aminé don’t give a fuck because I know that I’m the shit

Aminé – Good For You (Album Tracklist)
01. Veggies (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
02. Yellow (Feat. Nelly)
03. Caroline
04. Hero
05. Spice Girl
06. Stfu
07. Wedding Crashers (Feat. Offset)
08. Sundays
09. Turf
10. Blinds
11. Dakota (Feat. Charlie Wilson)
12. Slide
13. Money
14. Beach Boy
15. Heebiejeebies (Feat. Kehlani)

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[ Quotable ]
Boy you like 98 degrees
And I’m 300, nigga keep ya feet runnin’
I chief keef keef when I eat these beats
Better boy get scurred


[ Quotable ]
And that nigga’s pretty big
Engine so fast, every block is a trip
Baby girl wished that I copped the two seater
But I had to get five ’cause my niggas want to ride


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