Cage The Elephant – How Are You True Lyrics

How Are You True by Cage The Elephant
Album : Unpeeled
Released : 2017

Wake up, say a little prayer
Out of bed to the bathroom where
I take a look at myself and I stop and stare
And I wonder who is this standing here

And I try to find the will to carry on
Wonder how much longer I can carry on
Cause these days they take so long, yes they do

Hey, how are you true?
The light will guide you home, yes it will
Hey, how are you true?
Well there’s one thing that you should know
Yes you should
You need love, you need love, you need love
You need love

All your days spend countin’ numbers
‘Til one day you’ll find, day you’ll find
That life has passed you by
And in the quiet still of silence try to hide your eyes
Oh no so don’t cry, oh no

Hey, how are you true?
The light will guide you home, yes it will
Oh the years, they turn so fast
Soon the present will be past and you’ll look back and laugh
Yes you will

Well I can still remember, yes I was a young man too
Alone, but not forgotten and the candle shining through
Still all these words I’ve spoken don’t mean anything at all
Without love, without love, without love
Without love

Do, do, do, oh yeah
Do, do, do, oh yeah

I remember clearly we were both there on the airplane
Told me all your secrets, oh I never saw it coming
I thought that you were joking
You were actually quite serious

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