Vic Mensa – Heaven on Earth (Reprise) Lyrics

Heaven on Earth (Reprise) by Vic Mensa
Album : The Autobiography
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap

[Saul Williams & Vic Mensa]
The metaphor of the bird is eternal
As I stood in the bathroom with a 9 millimeter in my mouth
Empty Henny bottle on the couch
The mirror in front of me reflected everything I hated in those around me
I felt like a hypocrite
I wanted to fly away from it all
The lies, the betrayal, the rage I felt
To turn every page I’d ever written into flames and let it burn

This is what it sounds like
The streets cry
When the streets cry
I’m startin’ to think that this is all my fault
Niggas under them hoodies, we above the law
How could I think that we wouldn’t get judged at all?
Always in the club when them guns go off
Layin’ under that preacher when he talk that talk
My mother is thinkin’, where did it all go wrong?
Father thinkin’ if he spent more time I coulda played ball

The pain won’t inspire, things we lost in the fire
Things we lost in the fire
The things we lost in the fire
Hope this pain will inspire, the things we lost in the fire (fire)
Yeah, yeah
Those things we lose in the fire (yeah)
Oh, oh

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02. Memories on 47th St.
03. Rollin’ Like a Stoner
04. Homewrecker
05. Gorgeous
06. Heaven on Earth
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08. Down for Some Ignorance (Ghetto Lullaby)
09. Coffee & Cigarettes
10. Wings
11. Heaven on Earth (Reprise)
12. The Fire Next Time
13. We Could Be Free
14. Rage
15. OMG

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