Riff Raff – Haters Make It Hard Lyrics

Haters Make It Hard by Riff Raff
Album : The White West
Released : 2017
Genre : Rap & Hip-Hop/General

Uh, haters make it hard, make it-
Uh, haters make it hard, hard
Uh, these haters make it hard

Uh, these haters make it hard to be friends
Haters make it hard to be friends
Haters make it hard, these haters make it hard yall
Haters playing hardball
These haters make it-

Uh, check my medallion
Versace salon
James Kony Allen
Then my car insurance Italian
Kobe Bryant jewels, Kobe stake for brunch
I done put codeine in my green Hawaiian punch
I need vacation, kush inhalation
Stash a half a million in my mansion ventilation
Uh, strawberry diamonds like a stoplight
Balling like Mike, sang a hook like Gladys Knight

Haters make it hard
These haters make it hard
Haters make it-
These haters make it hard

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07. Top Back
08. 11 Hour Nap Feat. Jimmy Wopo & Dice SoHo
09. Jocking My Style
10. Haters Make It Hard
11. Team on My Back
12. Cup Up (feat. Flatline Nizzy)
13. Yesterday (feat. Hi-Rez & Reese)
14. Work for It

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