Pork Sliders Freestyle by Riff Raff
Album : The White West
Released : 2017
Genre : Rap & Hip-Hop/General

Yo, they put the top up today, I don’t feel like talking. [?]

Top up, cause I don’t feel like talking much
Slept on so much they thought I was a mattress
White Allen Ivy, mutherfuck a practice
Rock so much ice, I’m a hat trick
Candy cranberry on the cutlass
Ties black magic
I beg your pardon in an Aston Martin
Candycorned to Neiman Marcus
Before I park it, I spark one
I just passed your pardon
Matter fact I just crashed my Aston Martin
So I don’t have to park it
You beefing on a Wednesday
I’m a vegetarian
Eating pork sliders on a Sunday
My Muslim homies roll the windows down
So they don’t have to smell the aroma
Peep my persona
I paid for the gas
Shit, I paid for the Jag
Autographed the paper tag
You can have it back
A Uber car, I’m a superstar
I got cocaine on my door jam
Cocaine on my door jam
I just served eight grams in a traffic jam
I’m the chosen one
I roll a blunt and push 4 ounce of smoke into my lungs
‘Sace lungs, I’ll point it out
Smoke pouring out my mouth
I’m a fire dragon
Robbing, jeans sagging
I’m Bin Laden
I been had ’em
I been did that
I drive two cars, and both Cadillacs
My feet on the roof

● Riff Raff – The White West (Album Tracklist)
01. Everybody Trippin
02. Snow Storm (feat. Owey & Poodeezy)
03. Plead the 5th
04. Pork Sliders Freestyle
05. Swish (feat. Jay Fizzle)
06. Triple Beam Dream Team (feat. Poodeezy)
07. Top Back
08. 11 Hour Nap Feat. Jimmy Wopo & Dice SoHo
09. Jocking My Style
10. Haters Make It Hard
11. Team on My Back
12. Cup Up (feat. Flatline Nizzy)
13. Yesterday (feat. Hi-Rez & Reese)
14. Work for It

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● “Doctor Pepper ”

[ Quotable ]
Phone callin’, I’m pressin’ red
Only red cup, that’s in my hand
I ain’t got the time, so why you askin’?
I got a flight to catch, I’m always travelin’
They packin’

● “How to Be the Man ”

[ Quotable ]
Now I’m picture perfect, Shoulda been a surfer
Aww shit look who it is, It’s the white Eddie Murphy
Big balling, no stopping


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