Riff Raff – Yesterday Lyrics

Yesterday by Riff Raff
Album : The White West
Released : 2017
Genre : Rap & Hip-Hop/General

Collie budd
Jody Highroller

[Hook x2 – RiFF RAFF:]
You never get a chance to break my heart
Safely locked away
But now I got a thousand bills to pay
Should’ve talked to me yesterday

[Verse 1 – Collie Buddz:]
I should’ve known better
I should’ve known
From the day you try unlock me phone
Why you wanna see texts from Simone
That’s some random chick girl c’mon
And anytime you see me
You know I see it’s drama, drama, drama, drama
And anytime I see you
All I see is comma, comma, comma, comma
I bet you check my insta on the low
And you vex, we need to grow
Me no have time for you baby
Listen up
Me why you know

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 – Snoop Dogg:]
How do you do and how do you feel
You got to walk the walk up the hill
I’m so for real
You know the deal
Real will appeal
Time will reveal
Heartbreaks, new love, both times
Is what you was
Good times is what I like
And that’s why I love my life
See everyday I wake up and I’m feeling brand new
Cause I’m living my life without you
So you can stop the day
I got my heart safely locked away

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 – Collie Buddz:]
Yesterday and I don’t even miss a little bit
I know you hear my name a lot that must make you sick a bit
My girl you couldn’t handle it
I know you feel my way when you think of it
But I’m feeling
Overseas with a
Cool breeze and a
Drink in my hand with me
Minor tease
You over there you having
Begging me please while
I’m over here having
Rolling my trees
I’ve been working I’ve been grinding so long
You missed your chance now baby yesterday’s gone

[Hook x2]

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