YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Have You Ever Lyrics

Have You Ever by YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Album : AI YoungBoy
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip Hop

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● YoungBoy Never Broke Again – AI YoungBoy (Album 2017)
01. Trappin
02. Wat Chu Gone Do
03. No Smoke
04. Ride On Em
05. Dark Into Light
06. No. 9
07. Untouchable
08. Left Hand Right Hand
09. Twilight
10. Came From
11. Murda Gang
12. Have You Ever
13. Graffiti
14. GG
15. Dedicated

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● ” Blowin’ Up  ”

[ Quotable ]
But no I ain’t trippin’ I’m focused on my career
Other than that, they don’t know how I feel
I’ve been strivin’ for so long and I still feel they don’t hear me

● ” Watchu Sayin  ”

[ Quotable ]
I got this shit up out the mud, get off my fucking dick
Nigga who you killed? Repping like you been stepping and shit
All them attempted murders, bitch when I shoot I’m don’t miss

● ” All I Want ”

[ Quotable ]
Gang gang gang shit, that’s all we know
All we want is money man, fuck these hoes
Running up that sack, shit that’s how that goes


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